Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Bromo~ Landscape

Date~12-16 ~April 2018.


For the second time, My Phototgraphy Trip with Great Friends without family.....Surabaya.
Tribute to
Nur Ismail (captain)
Warnaiman Azizi ( Cikgu)
Din Mohd Yaman and Ahmad Shukri (Room Mate)
Chua, Dr Shaharudin, Syed Mohd Radzi and Shaari...(Great Friends).
Tugio Trail and friends ( Local Guide /Photographers/Drivers)....

This time I let the photos do the talking .....Surely we will come again next time.

1st night with Milky Way at Seruni Point

Thanks to Almighty Allah who gave us Good Health and Opprtunities to witness His Greatness.

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