Saturday 27 August 2016

48 hours of Borneo...Here what I Got.

Alhamdulillah last  I managed to join a  small group of  photographers to the " Land Below The Wind"........ It was a short journey, indeed 48hours full of actions and dramas. Thanks to my friend FJ(the organiser and mentor) who offerred the very best opportunity to explore Kudat . Though I have been to Sabah a few times before, this is the first time I reached Kudat.

It was a very new experience to me. I learnt a lot about Landscape Photography...Not only about my camera but also life as a Travelling Landscape Hunter, I shot my 1st Milky way here with Canon Eos700D...which is a new milestone to my photography career...

Everything was great except we did not get the very best of Sabah sunset or sunrise...may be next time......Insya Allah

Here are some of  of the very Best of Sabah ...captured using Canon Eos 700d with Sigma 10-20mm
and Fujix30...I hope it gives some light to others who own small camera but wish to shoot Landscape..
Nearby Kota Belud...A Paddy field with the background of Mount Kinabalu..On the way to Kudat we stopped for a while..for handheld photography...Fujix30

Simpang Mengayau Beach at the Tip of Borneo. We get up early for sunrise. We walked about 50-70 metres into the water still at the knee height..

Beautiful Place with my colleagues enjoying the moment. "Simpang Mengayau

Amazing Strait Mosque of Malacca-One of My Best Collection
56 seconds .

Layag layag Kudat

Milky Way at Layag layag
Tindakon Dazang. Superb Rock Formation with some mossy parts.

Blue hour at Likas Mosque


Amazing . You can see Milky Way here.Layag layag

Likas Mosque Sabah...1st assignment

Sunset at the Mengkabong River

Abandoned Ship Wrecked at Mengkabong River

Fisherman Jetty at Mengkabong River. Beware of Sandfly...It took me 2 weeks to recover from it...Get your mosquito repellent ready.

Borneo Beach . Superb waves with white sand. 
Magnificent Mengkabong River with the sight on Mount Kinabalu

Mengkabong River Sunset opposing the Mount Kinabalu

Mossy Rocks at Tindakon Dazang..