Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Power of Cropping- Landscape and Nature Part II


Sometimes you get frustrated to see that your work do not come out as  expected... Or you cant get the best angle or the composition that you like due to many factors.Wait a minute..Don't just throw the  picture away. Spend some time on the picture and analyse the subjects.

This photo was taken at Durian Perangin Waterfall Langkawi in June 2015. I couldnt get closer to the waterfall due to steep condition, As a result the magic flow of the streams cant be presented.
After 3 months I re look at the image and with the help of LR5..I cropped the image to potrait size.,,and here is the result....

TARA!!!!!!!!!! What you guys think?.....This image was much pleasing....where the smooth flow of the waterfall was outstandingly displayed. The composition, the contrast and the tone are much better appreciated. That is what I seen....Thats how it works...But there is another surprise to come....
Another crop ...another magic....another paradise....

I love this photo very much....Is like a dream....Is like a world paradise,,,
Next time you get the phote...Always remember that...sometimes the ordinary one can become spectacular......

Canon EOS 700D
Lens Canon 17-40L
iso 100

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