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Pantai Telok Cempedak

We  went to visit our kid #2 in Gambang last Chinese New Year.Since she started her pre-U studies there,we had come to Gambang / Kuantan 3 times in 2 months!Now,you can tell..who actually suffers from homesickness…the daughter?Mama…or abah?Ha ha..

The other 2 girls joined us as they were having 5 days school break for CNY.We spent 3 days 2 nights at Kuantan…just relaxing ourselves…and enjoying local food.

Let’s just talk about the highlights of the trip…lemang,pantai....& makan..


We paid a visit to Wan & Atuk at Semenyih,Selangor prior to the Kuantan trip.We drove along KL-Karak Highway and made stopover at Lemang To’ki,Bentong to have our breakfast.The google map led us to the main (former) shop.They do have a few outlets around the area,understandably.

You won't miss the signage..

Their lemangs are among the best.This is the place where you can have lemang all day all year round!(Ooops…Monday is their off day)What a heaven..

You can see the preparation and step-by-step cooking

Freshly made everyday!
Long before makan..

The lemang goes well with rendang,curry and ayam bakar.

Price depends on the size of lemang

Remember to 'cop' your seating 

The place is quite crowded.A famous hang out place for 'bikers kental’


We stayed at D’Embassy Serviced Residence Suites,which sits nicely on the hillside of Bukit Pelindung.Pantai Telok Cempedak is just a mere 5 min drive from the apartment.

We stopped by this beach before checking in…Telok Cempedak is adorably known as TC by the locals.

White sandy beach..clean & well maintained

For those who had been to TC in 1990’s,it was a place for picnic and swimming.Now,it is less for the beach and more for the McDonalds,KFC,Subway and Starbucks.Locals come here from evening till night time to hang out…which leads to massive traffic jams from Kuantan direction

Live performance from local buskers

Crowded especially during festive days (CNY)

Despite of the crowd,you’ll be able to find a place to sit and enjoy the sound of crashing waves

Strong wave

Strong wind..

We-fie time

You can enjoy a 350 metre long boardwalk linking this beach to Telok Tongkang Beach.The latter was almost deserted.

Beware of the 'company' along the boardwalk..

Lastly,do remember to leave only your footprints...and not the rubbish!Love our beach..


We did try some of the recommended eating places while in Kuantan.Although we're not the self-proclaimed food enthusiasts,as visitors we love to try local food whenever we visit new places.

Breakfast at Eda Yassin Nasi Minyak Warisan,Tg Api 

4.2 km from our hotel (D'Embassy Serviced Residence Suites).

Nasi minyak,nasi kerabu,nasi dagang,laksam...everything East Coast has to offer,you name it!Lots of local delicacies too..

U  have to line up to 'tapau'.If u want to dine need to queue

Lunch at Warung Poksu & Moksu,Peramu

8 km from our hotel.
If you're going to Tanjung lumpur,the stall is next to Peramu Police Station.

Don't forget to try satar,a grilled fish paste wrapped in banana leaves.

Ikan celop tepung (ICT) & satar-recommended!

Dinner at Burgerak,Taman Marina

2 km from our hotel

At our first thought,Burgerak might mean burger yang bergerak?...or Burger Food Truck?
Wrong!!Burgerak actually stands for Burger Anak Kuantan..ha ha

We nearly missed the place as it was dimly lit,barely visible from afar..

Burrito with spicy cili padi sauce-recommended!

We also had our meals at regular eateries like Pizza Hut,McD & sea food restaurant (at TC) to meet our girls preferences.Being not-so-adventurous foodie,they would like to stick to something their palates used to..

Enough of my ramblings on the long,folks!

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