Thursday, 12 May 2016

A Glimpse of Waterfront Kuching

During my recent visit to Kuching, 5-9th May 2016

At this age...I have the opportunity to visit Kuching for the very 1st time of my life...Yes a very 1st time...Is not funny...hehehe...Thanks to Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Melaka for giving  me this opportunity to represent Malacca State Health Tennis and Golf team for the Bineally  KKM tourney...
I didnt win anything....we stayed at UITM Samarahan ~22km from Kuching...But sports have been my blood ...I was determined to earn at least Bronze medal this time but it was not to be...My 1st game against Putrajaya single veteran lasted more than 2 and half hours.under the hot 45 degree temp...and I was leading 6-3 and 4-3 with a chance to break my opponent serve at 15-30....then ...the unexpected cramp strucked me....then the rest was history.....walk over for my opponent and he clinched Bonze later......
Golf was more leisure....the next day....played well in patches....the team finished 4th overall.

I didnt have much time to explore Kuching except the waterfront...One... because of a tight schedule...and the other things is "transport"...May be Next time I will visit again with full of itenaries on landscape photograpy....

Lets enjoy some of my collections from FujiX30...No filters...No Tripods...

Capturing the Light

Road In front of Magharita

Seat 9A MAS


Walking along the river is fun. There are many stalls and Buskers performing...Full house and a bit of crowd during weekend.

Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak~~~Awesome

My Favourite capture

If you walk along the riverside,,there will be peoples distributing flyers on massage services...Careful on this....

Sun and Roses

Oil Painting at Sarawak River from Mira's Point

The Sight of Magharita

Blurring Waterfront

Mee Kolok~my 1st experience..d other site Rm4.00

Light Trail

Light Bokeh

Wall Frame of Water front

Walking at the sunset

Serenity of Water front

1 minute Journey for the cost of 50cents

Beauty under the sunset

Light Bokeh

Love out of Focus


Painting The Waterfront

City Cats

Circle cats
 ......Till I visit again Sarawak......Awokkk



  1. Jom kita tukar bloglist....saya telah masuk anda dalam bloglist saya.

  2. Kangen mengunjungi Kuching. Pernah ke Kuching sekali, pengalaman yang berkesan bukan hanya exploring the city, tapi juga saat naik bus dari Pontianak ke Kuching hehe.
    Nice pictures!

  3. Thanks
    Jauh berjalan luas pemandangan