Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Day 1 Turkey 2013-Istanbul

Turkey Overview December 2013.....

Our guide Ismail....

DAY 1-2nd December 2013---Arrival at Istanbul
Temp around 6 degree Celsius...
Kami travel menggunakan khidmat Andalusia....Booking semasa Matafair di PWTC. One of the cheapest , reliable and established Muslim package.

KLIA ...middle of night. We came early as usual..

Penerbangan menggunakan MAS mengambil masa 11jam. Sampai sahaja kami disambut oleh tour agent yang sedia menunngu...namanyan Ismael...Selepas menaiki bas...lokasi pertama ialah mengisi perut,,,,Ice cream Parlour....Jangan terperanjat at 6 degree.....

5 liras for i cup of ice cream. At 2 degrees celcius.
.is a different kind of experience..of course the taste was superb

cant remember the name of the restaurant
,,,But next to the beach

Next to the Blue mosque ,,infront of the famous 3 monuments
Inside the Blue Mosque

Topkapi palace

On the Ferry to Bursa

Summary of day 1...
Upon arrival...early in the morning....we completed our Suboh prayer and was brought to have our breakfast....then we visited this places which is close to each other,,,,Blue Mosque...then Topkapi Palace..........Then we ferried to Bursa which took us about 1 and half hour journey. 
Had lunch at the famous Iskandar Kebab...Overnight at Bursa.

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